A New Age Helmet
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A New Experience in Head Protection
Bullard, Inventor of the Protective Helmet
Celebrating 100th Year of Hard Hat Invention
A Century of Head Protection Innovation
Defines the Bullard CEN10™️ Helmet
Innovative 3-layers Protection
The CEN10 helmet blends polycarbonate and ABS materials, which combine strength and chemical-resistance for optimal protection and provides wearers with the highest level of protection and while still being incredibly lightweight
Innovative 3-layers Protection
Made from expanded polystyrene, the CEN10’s energy-absorbing inner foam has the ability to absorb and dissipate a massive amount of energy during impacts and significantly reduces acceleration and force transmitted to the wearer.
Innovative 3-layers Protection
The comfort padding, with a finished thickness of 0.375 inches, provides a perfect fit and helmet stability. Soft and moisture-wicking layers with breathable mesh allow you to stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day.
Modern Meets Traditional Toughness


CEN10 White

Level Up Aesthetics. Value Up Profession.

As the most recognized piece of safety equipment on any worksite, the safety helmet is the symbol of toughness and pride. We have always focused on the safety aspect when designing a protective helmet. Today, the CEN10™ by Bullard brings style, safety, and comfort to a new level with the look that the workers love.

Sports the distinctive Bullard 3-rib trademark design that is easily recognizable on worksites across the globe.
The modern matte finish surface with polished smooth lines design makes the CEN10™ helmet look stylish and unique.
This helmet is expertly designed to provide the highest level of protection to workers with a 3-point chinstrap for a secure fit when working at heights.
CEN10™ RED non-vented model

Non-vented Design

Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class E and G requirements.
Dielectric protection against high voltage electrical shock and burns up to 20,000 volts.
Expertly designed to reduce the force of impact to the top of the head, neck, and spine.
CEN10™ RED vented model

Vented Design

Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class C requirements.
Protection against impact and penetration of falling and flying objects.
Air vents help to circulate air and let the wearer feel the refreshing airflow around the head.
Designed for more situational awareness, the sleek, low profile CEN10™ helmet, coupled with little to no brim design, allows workers to get closer to work in tight spaces or high areas.
CEN10™ industrial worker in confined space

Ergonomics Design

The CEN10™ provides maximum protection with all-day comfort wear.
The modern design of the CEN10™ helmet reduces peak force to the wearer’s neck and transmits less force to the head providing additional protection to the user’s brain.
Integrated 3-point chinstrap ensures the CEN10™ securely stays on the wearer’s head in any working environment.
CEN10 Ergonomics Design

FlexGen™ Ratchet

CEN10 FlexGen Ratchet
Designed for Bullard industrial safety helmets, the FlexGen™ ratchet offers outstanding performance with all-day comfort wear and a modern matte finish surface with a big triangle knob for a stylish look from the rear.

Nape Swivel pad

The CEN10™ protective helmet features Bullard's innovative nape swivel pad to ensure a safe and comfortable fit for virtually all head sizes and shapes.
The ergonomic design provides optimal air circulation and prevents hair from being pulled.
CEN10 Nape Swivel pad
CEN10 inside view comfort padding
Brow Pad
Large Size, Absorbent & Replaceable
Comfort Liner
Soft, Protective & Hygienic
Nape Cover
Breathable, Snug Fit & Stress Release

Bullard Hygienic-Comfort Technology

moisture wicking
Specially made of moisture-wicking fabrics, which absorb sweat quickly.
Superior breathability for all-day comfort.
Easily removable from the helmet, which allows user to wash them at any time and prevent bacteria growth on the skin.
The CEN10™ helmet comes equipped with Accessory Slots for a variety of attachments.
Add face protection with Bullard’s model 312B dielectric bracket that can be used with any Bullard visor, which conforms to ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 standard.
CEN10 worker with faceshield
CEN10™ industrial worker in confined space
The four Accessory Clips are designed for professionals and outdoor workers to easily attach safety goggles, headlamps or other tools to the CEN10™ helmet.

Bullard SG series Safety Goggles, certified to EN166 Standard, are the best match to the CEN10™ helmet.
CEN10™ Lifespan
CEN10™ Warranty
Made in USA
Made in USA
ANSI Standard

Experiencing a new protective helmet

Featuring sleek, low-profile vented and non-vented designs, the CEN10™ helmet is available in distinct colors of white, dove grey, red, orange, hi-vis yellow, yellow, and Kentucky blue.
CEN10™ six colors
CEN10 White

Ordering Information

CEN10™ Package
Non-vented Vented
Kentucky Blue C10NKBAMR C10VKBAMR

Improve Visibility and Work Group Differentiation

Bullard's advanced pad print technology enables our customers to have clear and vivid logos in up to six colors on the CEN10™ helmet in four dedicated locations. Pad printed logos are permanent and will not peel crack or fade like a decal or sticker.
Add highly reflective stripes around the ear, brim, and rib for improved visibility on worksites.
Create your customized CEN10™ helmet at BuildYourBullard.com
Part Number Description
C10TS 3-piece highly reflective stripe set for inverted 3-rib design CEN10 Helmet
C10SS 2-piece highly reflective stripes for the fender area around the ear of helmet
C10FS 1-piece highly reflective stripes for brim of helmet

Eye Protection

CEN10 safety eyewear SE4

Safety Glasses, SE4, Sporty

CEN10 rescue goggles SG2

Safety Goggles, SG2FR, Emergency Responder

CEN10 safety eyewear SE6

Safety Glasses, SE6, Overspecs

CEN10 safety eyewear SE3

Safety Glasses, SE3, Stylish

CEN10 safety eyewear SG1

Safety Goggles, SG1, General Industry

Face Protection

Bullard visor Acetate

Visor, Acetate, Chemical Resistance, Z87

Bullard visor polycarbonate

Visor, Polycarbonate, Impact and High-Heat, Z87+

Bullard visor Tritan

Visor, Tritan™️, Chemical Resistance and Impact, Z87+

Bullard visor mesh

Visor, Mesh, Fog-free, General use, Z87-s special purpose

CEN10 Faceshield

Brackets, 312B, nylon dielectric

Multiple Lighting Modes

CEN10 liteVX


CEN10 lite360


CEN10™ Cares kit Bag

Our Cares Kit bag gives you an extra set of CEN10™ helmet components including replaceable brow pad, comfort liner and nape cover, bundled in a washable mesh bag that can easily be laundered without falling apart or tangling.
Bullard Cares kit for CEN10 helmet
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