Bullard Save Or Apprehension Recognition (SOAR) Program

If TacSight® played a critical role in helping officers in your department 1) apprehend a felon or a suspect during the commission of a felony, or 2) save the life of a civilian or a fellow officer, your department may qualify to be honored through SOAR (Save Or Apprehension Recognition), a local recognition program sponsored by Bullard.

SOAR AwardLaw enforcement agencies inducted into SOAR are honored during a local award ceremony, at which officers receive distinctive challenge coins mounted in presentation cases to commemorate the effective use of TacSight in the incident. Members of the local media are invited to cover the event.

If you believe that someone in your department may qualify for a SOAR award, complete this form to register. Click here for a list of current members of the Bullard Save Or Apprehension Recognition (SOAR) program.

This framed Bullard TacSight SOAR membership certificate with encased coins is awarded to departments that receive the SOAR Award. Individual officers involved in the incident will receive a SOAR Award coin mounted in a formal presentation box.