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EN 166:2001 is the European standard covering the requirements for protective eyewear. It is closely linked to EN 167:2001 and EN 168:2001 which specify the optical and non-optical test methods.

EN 166 specifies the minimum requirements for a range of performance tests. This standard contains a set of requirements referred to as ‘basic requirements’, which may be regarded as mandatory.

EN166 recalls additional standards which specifies the requirements as a function of PPE typology and field of use:

  • EN ISO 4007:2018 (Replaced EN 165:2005) – Vocabulary
  • EN167 – Optical test methods
  • EN168 – Non-optical test methods
  • EN169 – Filter for welding and related techniques
  • EN170 – Ultra-violet (UV) ray filters
  • EN171 – Infra-red (IR) ray filters
  • EN172 – Sunglare filters for industrial use
  • EN1731 – Mesh eye and face protectors
  • EN 379 – Specification for automatic welding filters