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Hard Hat Face Sheild

Smile. You’re protected.

Our nylon dielectric and aluminum brackets offer superior face protection and versatility. Available in band or slot-mounted styles, brackets fit onto your existing head protection. Pair with one of our visors for the hazard you face for confident, head and face protection.

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Features & Benefits

Face Protection C30 front

Brackets for Head Protection

  • Cap Style Visor Bracket
  • Full Brim Visor Bracket


  • General Use (Polyester)
  • Fog-free, General Use (Mesh)
  • Impact & Heat Resistant (Polycarbonate)
  • Chemical Resistant (Acetate)
  • Impact & Chemical Resistant (Tritan)

Product Details


Brackets for Head Protection

Cap Style Offerings

  • General Use Dielectric Nylon Brackets
    • Available in band and slot mounted versions 
    • Option of debris guard 
    • Models 300B, 300BW, 400B & 400W
  • High Heat & Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Brackets
    • Models 100G, 110G, 500M

Full Brim Offerings

  • General Use Dielectric Nylon Brackets
    • Available in band and slot mounted versions
    • Models 312, 312B
  • High Heat & Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Brackets
    • Models 112G


Visors attach to the brackets above and are ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 compliant when paired together. Visors are offered in various lengths to offer adequate coverage for the areas you work.

General Use (Polyester)

Keeps debris such as dirt or water out of your face during work (i.e. dusty work site) and offers more coverage. Can complement your safety glasses as well to offer another barrier. Model: E840ME

Bullard visor mesh

Fog-free, General Use (Mesh)

Keeps larger debris, such as wood chips, from getting into your face while not having to worry about a fogging visor. Models: 6S24 & 8S24

Impact & Heat Resistant (Polycarbonate)

  • When impact hazards are present, such as grinding or cutting metals, polycarbonate visors have the strength to protect. Polycarbonate also has great heat resistance if you are working in a high heat environment and need adequate face protection. Models: 680P, 860P, 840P, & 880P
  • For light or additional welding protection, shades three and five are offered on select models. Models: 640PW3, 840PW3, 640PW5, 840PW5

Chemical Resistant (Acetate)

When working around hazardous chemicals and splash protection is needed (i.e. lab work or working with a dangerous chemical at a job site). Models: 640M, 840MG, 640G, 840MH, 840M, 860H, 1040, CS40

Impact & Chemical Resistant (Tritan)

Offers impact and chemical protection, enhancing worker safety without having to worry about switching out visors. Great for areas where a variety of hazards can present themselves. Models: 680T, 840T, 860T, 880T, WS60T



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