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Bullard Powered Air Purifying Respirator is worn on the waist or back, is battery-powered, and has a blower and a filter. It allows the worker to be mobile while protecting him/herself. Contaminated air passes through filter or filter / cartridge combination. Filtered air is delivered to the user via the breathing tube in the head top or loose-fitting hood.  

Supplied Air systems allow workers, with Bullard breathing tubes and head topsto use portable pumps and compressed air for clean breathing air supply. SAR is generally recommended when contaminates are unknown.  

PAPRS are for mobile workersparamedics, EMT, firefighters, emergency responders and hospitals – doctors and nurses – and public health agencies. 

SARs are more suitable for stationary workers; drive-through testing, testing labs and admissions personnel. 

Multiple options of Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) and face shields.

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