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Fire helmet

Structural Firefighting

PPE Built for Danger

Structural firefighters face many unique types of exposures, hazards, and situations, such as defensive and offensive firefighting, structure entry and ventilation, rescue operations, and assisting with emergency medical situations. These physical demands require your gear and tools to be robust, maintain a good fit, feel comfortable, and promote proper ergonomics. Discover why Bullard thermal imagers and fire helmets are Bullard Tough.

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Wildland Firefighting

Hotshot PPE with Endurance

Keeping calm under stress is an asset in lot of facets of fire services. Bullard protects the head and face of men and women wildland firefighter around the world, giving them one less thing to stress. You can trust the iconic look and toughness of the Bullard Wildland fire helmet.

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Search & Rescue

PPE That Doesn’t Spare 1 Second

Bullard supports the important work being done every day by the men and women who dedicate their lives to rescuing others. Move freely and communicate effectively with Bullard PPE. We are actively focused on leveraging our head protection experience to develop new, purpose-built head protection for the search and rescue community that better support mission requirements.

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