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Bullard at China Fire Show

October 20, 2021

This year, due to travel restrictions, we were unable to participate in the China Fire Expo. However, thanks to the organizer for showing our Bullard's video specially made for the China Fire Expo.今年,由於旅行限制,我們很遺憾無法參加中國消防博覽會。 但是,感謝主辦方展示了我們為中國消防博覽會特別製作的視頻。


This is our story about how we responded to covid-19 and committed to protecting frontline healthcare workers and emergency response teams.

這是我們的故事,我們的百年曆史。 博萊德生產高質量的個人防護裝備,我們致力於保護前線的醫護人員和無畏逆行的消防戰士!