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June 13, 2022At the SAFETY TOUR in the outdoor area of INTERSCHUTZ, the Lohmar Volunteer Fire Department will present its concept for operational hygiene, which it has been developing step by step since 2019. At its heart: the hygiene unit. Its members in three tents – divided into black and white areas – ensure that comrades get rid of contaminated fire protection clothing and helmets as quickly as possible. In plain language: not at home at the station but directly at the scene of the incident.

Two hygiene specialists lend a helping hand in the rapid change of clothing, and in the process, they naturally come into contact with contaminated equipment. To preclude negative effects on their health, the Lohmar Volunteer Fire Department has bid farewell to the FFP masks in use for the longest time and now relies on the EVA powered air-purifying respirator by Bullard.The advantages of the reusable system, available with different hoods and filters, are obvious, says Sub-Fire Chief André Neff, “The lightweight respiratory protection always sits where it belongs; even for beard and glasses wearers. Even when bending down and handling contaminated equipment, nothing slips. This allows our hygiene unit to concentrate fully on its task.”

Why EVA of all things? ‘With QXT thermal imaging cameras, we’ve been relying on Bullard equipment since 2017, and the practical demonstration convinced us right away,’ says Neff. And what do the comrades say? They didn’t hesitate but accepted EVA directly into the team. EVA passed its acid test with flying colors: During a full truck fire, the system, which can be used without a G26 examination, received unanimous praise from the hygiene unit for its high wearing comfort without breathing resistance and wearing time limitation.

The Lohmar-style concept is not only well received locally – inquiries via the fire department’s Facebook page show that comrades from other fire departments are interested, too. Information on the EVA system is available at Those who would like to experience EVA live will have the opportunity to do so from 20 to 25 June at INTERSCHUTZ 2022 in Hannover.