The Changing Landscape

Thermal imaging for the fire service...

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Image Clarity-What to look for

Seeing the details is critical in a fire scene…

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Comparing Warranties

Asking the right questions…

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Deploying Today’s Thermal Imagers

Four common deployment strategies…

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Innovative Ideas in Test and Evaluation

The testing and evaluation process…

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Thermal Imaging: Look How Far We Have Come

Thermal imaging technology has evolved...

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Think Strategic Deployment During Fire Attack

As firefighters, we cannot get too caught up in the adrenaline rush...

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Thermal Imaging Use in Fire Prevention

One of the most undesirable roles...

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Using Thermal Imaging in Volunteer Departments

reflect on the volunteer sector of the fire service

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Thermal Image Capture: DVR options can make your life much easier

A picture is worth a thousand words...

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Thermal Imaging – why is today’s technology better

When Infrared Technology was first introduced...

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Using Thermal Imaging in the cold environment

It’s valuable but...

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Creative ways to train with a thermal imager

The session did not include live fire....

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Your Deployment Plan for Thermal Imaging

Putting four pairs of eyes on your operations...

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10 Ways to Sharpen Your TIC Skills

Let use this time as a refresher...

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The White Screen Phenomenon

when the TI is not working properly...

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New Changes to NFPA Thermal Imaging Technology

The new NFPA 1801-2021....

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Use of Thermal Imaging Cameras in Motor Vehicle Incidents

motor vehicle incidents...

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Using Thermal Imaging after NATURAL DISASTERS

When Disasters Happen...

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Thermal imagers are not without risks

firefighters need to practice staying low..

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Thermal Imaging Not Just for Fighting Structural Fires

Using a TI in an aircraft incident...

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The Outdoor Effects Emissivity Has on Thermal Imaging

Practicing your technique outdoors...

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Making Sure the Fire Is Out

Before conducting an overhaul...

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Investigating the Unknown Using Thermal Cameras

TI is the most valuable tool for investigating...

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Four ways Bullard's newest TXS™ can benefit your fire department

High-quality images..ideally for every call

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Can Thermal Imagers Help During a Flashover

Flashovers are extremely dangerous...

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