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Thermal Imager Export

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Export Agreement

The United States government and its commercial partners control the technology behind the Bullard thermal firefighting camera. Bullard has received a special export license from the US government to provide this essential equipment to your fire department. Due to the possible risk of misuse or diversion of this equipment for illegal purposes, we need your cooperation to ensure that the thermal imaging camera(s) that Bullard supplies to you are used only for their intended purpose of firefighting, search and rescue, risk assessment and/or similar fire and rescue activities. Your cooperation in this regard is a condition of the sale of the thermal imager(s) to you.

Conditions of purchase and use:

  1. By purchasing Bullard thermal imaging cameras for firefighting and rescue operations, you hereby certify that you are a legitimate firefighting organization recognized by the proper authorities in your local, state (county) or federal government.
  2. You acknowledge that you have not received any detailed information regarding the design, manufacturing data, source code, operating algorithms or similar data for the focal plane array technology incorporated in these thermal imagers. You have received user manuals for the camera models you have purchased.
  3. You agree not to disassemble, modify or otherwise alter the thermal imagers delivered to you. Any such tampering will void all warranties made by Bullard and its dealers. They also violate the terms of the export license under which this thermal imager was sold. Repairs may only be carried out by repair centers approved by Bullard/Bullard GmbH. For more information on repairs, please contact your Bullard representative.
  4. Thermal Imagers may not be resold, reexported, or otherwise transferred to any person, company, or organization without prior approval from the US Government.
  5. The thermal imaging cameras may only be used for the specified purposes such as firefighting, search and rescue and similar activities and only in the country for which the use of thermal imaging cameras is authorized and licensed.
  6. You agree to take all necessary precautions to ensure that the thermal imaging cameras remain in the possession of your fire service personnel at all times and that all necessary measures are taken to prevent theft, loss and unauthorized access.
  7. If a thermal imaging camera is lost, stolen or falls into the wrong hands, you must report this to Bullard within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the incident.
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