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HPAPI Safety Solutions to Augment Containment SOPs



In this educational webinar, you will learn about various PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) respiratory solutions to augment and enhance current flexible containment systems. PAPRs offer a reliable, scientifically valid means to safely handle HPAPI and offer protection in many other pharmaceutical applications, such as aseptic processing and LAR. Protection, comfort, and value are critical components to any PAPR system and SOP. Join us to learn about positive pressure systems and the how they provide superior comfort and operator-usability when compared to masks; plus, you’ll take away the following:

  • An understanding of protection factors required for your application
  • An overview of various cartridge options available contingent on hazard
  • The benefit of no required fit testing
  • Availability of 10~6 sterility assurance head tops for cleanrooms
  • New technologies for available for lighter duty filling and handling


For more information contact our Health & Safety Professional, Damir Karapandzic via email: or via phone: 859-569-5005