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Bullard H3000 – Comfortable to wear. Easy to clean.

The Bullard H3000 firefighter helmet is a successful combination of low weight, high wearing comfort, and easy cleaning options. Thanks to the EN443 certification, the half-shell helmet is just as suitable for the inside attack as for all other fire brigade tasks. In this user report, the comrades tell why they chose the Bullard H3000.

Quality you can feel

Squad leader Nils Schneider from the Freudenberg volunteer fire brigade praises the maximum wearing comfort of the H3000. Since no two heads are alike, the H3000 has individual adjustment options. The helmet can be easily adjusted in head circumference, height, and inclination for a perfectly comfortable fit. Fire chief Christian Scholz from the Bad Salzuflen fire brigade is also convinced of the fit of the helmet.

“This is exactly what the fire brigade needs,” confirms Chairman of the NOK district fire brigade association Michael Genzwuerker, when he thinks of Bullard's high-quality standard. “That's what excites me about the H3000 as much as it does about the Bullard thermal imaging cameras,” he adds.

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Focus on helmet hygiene

Squad leader Sven Ehmke from the volunteer fire brigade of the city of Wahlstedt is enthusiastic about both the wearing comfort and the cleaning possibilities of the H3000. The surface of the helmet is smooth both from the outside and from the inside and without rubber coating so that it can be cleaned without edges and over the entire surface. In less than a minute, by loosening four screws, the inside of the helmet can be completely removed for intensive cleaning if necessary. All components are washable. To keep the helmet ready for immediate use, Bullard offers the CareKit, a padding wash bag filled with spare pads. The CareKit includes a neck protector of your choice, a brow pad, and two ratchet covers – and all this at a special price compared to the purchase of the individual components.

Chief firefighter Lars Klee from the Versmold Fire Brigade sums it up:

“The H3000 is a comfortable helmet without knickknacks, is easy to clean and offers space for attachments.”

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