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Bullard Introduces SIGHTLINE Respirator Hood For The Life Science Industry

First-of-its-Kind Hood Features 3200 of Uninterrupted Viewing

 Bullard, with a 125-year history of manufacturing high-quality personal protective equipment, announced today its launch of Sightline, a new respirator hood for the life sciences industry. Sightline is a first-of-its-kind hood, with 320o of uninterrupted viewing, designed with the wearer in mind.

Compatible with Bullard’s EVA and EVAHL powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR), Sightline offers wearers 320o of uninterrupted viewing through a large, seamless, wrap-around lens. The suspension-less full hood, which is assembled and hand-sewn in Cynthiana, KY, USA and is constructed using Dupont Tychem 2000 material, also features an innovative, over-the-top air flow channel that is delivered through the top and sides of the hood. For some workers, this air flow channel can help to reduce dry eyes and foggy lenses.

Additionally, Sightline’s design simplifies the donning and doffing process, making it possible for the wearer to don and doff the hood unassisted. The hood’s interior bib includes only one attachment clip that is centered and high in the front, which the wearer can easily attach to coveralls, keeping the hood secure. The ergonomic, contoured cut of both the inner and the outer bib eliminates unnecessary bulk and bunching and allows for easier tucking into outer garments. The bib length allows for easy tucking in the front and back.

Understanding the importance of fit, the Bullard team designed Sightline to fit a wide range of head and body sizes and shapes. The hood can be worn comfortably by both men and women, with room to accommodate facial hair, ponytails, and other hairstyles.

“At Bullard, our mission is to protect workers, so they can work productively and go home safely. We focus on providing our customers tools that are safe, comfortable, and easy to use,” said Wells Bullard, President and CEO of Bullard. “Our team engaged directly with respiratory hood wearers in the life sciences industry to understand the unique challenges they face and worked tirelessly to develop an innovative hood to better serve and protect them. With Sightline, we’re thrilled to bring life sciences workers an exceptional respiratory hood – one that helps keeps them safe and delivers true peace of mind, enabling them to work productively and comfortably for the length of their workday.”

Sightline’s roomy interior, which includes a soft, blue, premium sport knit material around the wearer’s neck, provides the ultimate comfort, while simultaneously reducing glare under florescent lights and increasing airflow capability. The structured hood has been designed to rest on the wearer’s shoulders – instead of the neck – allowing for a comfortable fit for all-day use. A drawstring cuff provides wearers with a custom fit.

Sightline is offered with Bullard’s flexible breathing hose, which lays flat against the back. This new hose enables enhanced mobility making it easier and safer for staff to move about the lab or manufacturing suite without snag hazards.

Bullard’s EVA and EVAHL PAPRs with the Sightline hood system are NIOSH approved and third-party tested with an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1,000.

Additional information about Sightline is available here.