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Unlock the next level of your superpower – Bullard Thermal Imager

Expert talk with fire trainer Thorsten Sojka

When was the last time you thought about all the valuable community work that you have done and what huge impact you have made on your neighbors and fellow citizens? How great the adrenalin in your body feels that empowers you to stay razor-sharp and focused while getting things done and to help others and ultimately yourself return fast and safely out of danger zones?

A tool made for you
You know your own capabilities best. Seeing through thick smoke with the bare eye is unfortunately not a known human superpower. However, the use of a thermal imager enhances your vision and therefore might even limit the time of being exposed to toxic environments. What is so special about a Bullard thermal imager and why should you always bring your personal one along?

Thermal ZOOM feature

Better Under Fire
Fire trainer Torsten Sojka practices with firefighters cases of emergency under realistic conditions. “I always have a Bullard thermal imager on hand,” he says. “You can buy yourself time as the thermal imager allows you to see through thick smoke and to make thermal developments visible. You can even see chemical and physical reactions at their very early starting point long before the bare eye can sense it.” Sojka uses both – the Bullard TXS as well as the Bullard QXT for his live burn training. Both models come with the same reliable temperature color scheme, are extremely sturdy, and have a long operating time. In addition, Bullard thermal imagers are known for their outstanding ergonomic design and angled monitor. “Especially in extreme situations and confined spaces, the special form factor of a Bullard thermal imager is advantageous in terms of handling, as it can be easily held close to the face without unnaturally bending your wrist or arm,” explains Sojka.

Bullard thermal imagers are intentionally developed with and built for firefighters. That is why they make a difference. Everything about them was designed to make it as simple and efficient as possible for the firefighters to use them:

  • One-button operation that can be used with a gloved hand
  • razor-sharp images with accentuated edges that show surfaces and structures of importance without distracting with added noise
  • fast gain mode switching and instant processing, give you a smooth fast-following image while scanning around

What do you think? Do you want to enhance your vision and unlock the next level of your superpower by using the right tool?
Then get in touch with us! Your contact person in your area will be happy to contact you for a non-binding demonstration and to find the right thermal imager for your needs.

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